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Commuter rail? Not enough capacity to make a difference, and way too expensive.

closed the Johnson Street bridge to rail traffic after engineers discovered corrosion damage to key structural supports during a recent inspection

“We have to recognize that if rail is going to come across this bridge now it’s time for our province to step up,”

It is still uncertain whether the new bridge will include a rail crossing for the E&N Rail line.

It should be part of a heritage corridor from the E&N Roundhouse to Old Town.

an issue that folks in the Cowichan Valley should be keeping a close eye on.

Victoria to apply for gas tax funds to help pay for new crossing

Rail-based transit is expensive. But there is a huge return on the investment.

would replace a 30-year-old swing bridge that had carried only trains and, I'm sure, the occasional pedestrian.

"This kind of service really needs to flow right into downtown Victoria,"


One component that makes or breaks a successful passenger rail service is speed.

Victoria should think carefully before removing a rail crossing from the Johnson Street bridge project, say some local politicians.

Pedestrians crossed the river using the E&N and the CN railway trestles,

Alternatively: The rail section of the Johnson Street Bridge could be used as a road bridge

aka Fiddick Junction on the E&N, just north of the Nanaimo River bridge,

plea for provincial dollars to bring the E&N Rail Trail across the bridge.

Victoria's bridge -- it wasn't among 175 projects chosen last month

endorse dipping into regional gas-tax revenue -- already earmarked for pro-jects such as the E&N Rail Trail

No railway conection in Victoria?

Last night on the news they were talking about how the city could save $15 million by not running the rail line across the new bridge.  A lot of people have been talking about how the station should be on the other side of the bridge or in the railyard or even furthur away in Esquimalt.  I don't thi…

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