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Snuneymuxw Chief Doug White also silent about land his people have claimed

Development of property next to cruise-ship terminal will require environmental assessment, cleanup

The Canadian Pacific Railway has accepted an offer for its 53-acre waterfront property next to Nanaimo's downtown cruise-ship terminal.

The railway was given title to more than 25 kilometres of land -enough for an international-scale rail yard

now the Cowichan Valley Trail, was a memorable, almost haunting experience.

Surplus CP snow plow for sale. Would be a great addition to the island for a museum.

March 2nd 2010

A CP Snow plow for sale!  Something I have always wanted for a museum. 

    It is of great interest for Vancouver Island to start bringing items like this to start a museum on the Island that can showcase the rich history of the rails that ran across our Island.  With items like th…

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Vancouver Island Rail News #2

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