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a lot of people in the city would rather that the whole rail line through Nanaimo be rerouted to take train traffic away from the busy urban centre

No major infrastructure upgrades planned for where two people were killed in 2009

The collision happened at an uncontrolled section of track not intended for pedestrian crossing.

another that damaged a railway crossing gate at Jingle Pot Road and the Island Highway.

"We suddenly braked much quicker than normal,"

Since 2001, the province has invested almost $20 million in improving road safety at rail crossings throughout B.C.

additional warning lights will be installed, along with train-activated message boards

an issue that folks in the Cowichan Valley should be keeping a close eye on.

Victoria to apply for gas tax funds to help pay for new crossing

The Budd car sounds its horn at the crossing everyday at 12 p.m. and again at 2 p.m. on its return to Victoria.

Neither of the train's two crew members, a conductor and locomotive engineer, nor any passengers were injured,

but officials responsible for improvements have yet to take further action.

The poor and outdated design of a Nanaimo railway crossing is to blame for killing two people in October 2009,

the driver likely didn't notice the flashing lights or hear the warning bell until 14 metres from the crossing

Limited signal visibility and poor intersection design contributed to a train-and-car crash

railway crossing is partly to blame for a crash last fall

City of Nanaimo, Ministry of Highways and Southern Rail to take a hard look at level train crossings in Nanaimo.

Nanaimos 10 Worst Intersections

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