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Island Highway commuters face more delays for paving, wiring

a little-used transportation corridor that’s widely regarded as ideal for a commuter rail service.

Put railway wheels on city buses and stick them on the E&N line at rush hour. "They could stay on the rails; just drop people off to connect with other transit."

View Royal road work was not seen as an opportunity to test the viability of using the E&N tracks for commuter runs

improved and practical service on the E&N railway to the Malahat or better transit service,

VIA Rail will be transporting riders by bus between Victoria and Langford

“It’s generating lots of excitement, especially in the biking community.”

now that construction on the first phase of the E&N Rail Trail is turning a corner.

The E&N Dayliner’s train-warning system at the intersection was on

Are we ready for LRT or at least using the E&N rail line? Ask the people at bus stops on their way home watching full buses passing them by.

start light rail

July14th 2010


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The government's study concluded that spending many millions to upgrade the whole line was not supportable.

Construction of the E&N Trail will include a bridge to nowhere --

A commuter rail network to downtown Victoria is envisioned as the "backbone" of the Westhills transportation network.

reservations about the E&N railroad tracks between those woods and the houses.

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E&N rail days is coming Sept 26th 2009

Come on down to the Victoria Round house or the Langford station and see what is happening with the railway on the island on the 26th.  you can take the dayliner between the 2 locations so commuting isnt a problem.  Take pictures before the construction starts …

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Ministry of Transportation study of the E&N railway corridor for commuter and freight rail.

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