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Walkers, hikers and cyclists can now take the Humpback Connector

where the Canadian National Pacific Railway was once under construction for the area’s burgeoning transportation network.

"It doesn't mean we have to build the trail tomorrow but just so we know what it will entail."

The contest to rename the E&N Rail Trail is still on but the trail will not be renamed unless someone comes up with something better.

Esquimalt is contesting a contest that could give the E&N rail trail a new official name.

Comox Valley residents will be able to cycle and walk from Fifth Street to Cumberland Road

The first section of a new paved trail for walkers and cyclists alongside the rail tracks through Courtenay will definitely be built this summer.

not to derail the importance of the train when renaming the Esquimalt & Nanaimo Rail Trail.

Contest could be held to rename E&N Rail Trail

Funding includes about $300,000 from local taxpayers, plus B.C. Transit grants.

“It’s the centerpiece of our trail system so it would be great to get,”

The E&N Rail Trail will be detoured away from the rail right-of-way

The upgrades done to the eight-kilometre long trail that was used on a railway line constructed here more than 100 years ago

A new paved bikeway could be built in Courtenay

“It’s generating lots of excitement, especially in the biking community.”

now that construction on the first phase of the E&N Rail Trail is turning a corner.

Construction of the E&N Trail will include a bridge to nowhere --

the historic Kinsol Trestle railway bridge will finally begin a multi-million-dollar facelift

Cowichan Valley Museum and Shawnigan Lake Museum want to hear your story of the historic landmark

The Kinsol Trestle is the only missing link in the section of the Cowichan Valley Trail route.

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