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The decision to close the station was difficult, said Via Rail spokeswoman Anne-Sophie Desmeules.

"Now $500,000 of that will allow the foundation to complete an engineering inspection of approximately 40 rail bridges

Clark said she is keenly aware how important the old railway line is to Island communities,

He argued that the original deal was to trade off 20 miles on either side of the line in exchange for train service.

A $950-million light rail transit system has been suggested by B.C. Transit, instead of rapid buses,

the Ivens plan to open an Irish pub-style restaurant at the historic E&N railway station on Selby Street

extremely critical to obey all stop signs [when] at an intersection or a railway crossing,

in Duncan, then warm up with hot chocolate, music, dancing and more

The first steam locomotive in the train is Hillcrest Lumber Company #10, a 70-ton, three-truck "Climax" geared logger built in 1928.

This year's 20th annual Victoria Model Railway Show is scheduled for Cedar Hill Recreation Centre, 3220 Cedar Hill Rd. Sunday 10-4pm

Mayor Ken McRae has (very diplomatically) told the residents of Woss to put up or shut up

Limited signal visibility and poor intersection design contributed to a train-and-car crash

The politicians agreed to offer a $30,000-a-year tax exemption for 10 years

Aug. 21, climb aboard the No. 7 at 7 p.m. at the Alberni Train Station,3100 Kingsway

If you want to track history on southern Vancouver Island, it's not that hard to do.

Alberni Pacific Railway go through another season of transporting visitors back to the early 1900s.

The fire appears to have been sparked by the steam train,

The trip back in time begins at the restored train station located just off the waterfront in downtown Port Alberni.

up to 22,000 rail cars worth of freight each year.

Along the route, local folks stop to wave from railway crossings, and The Flag Lady waves Canadian and B.C. flags from her yard

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