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to explore a commuter service for the western communities of Greater Victoria

Rail travel is a proven technology that moves more people and material at lower cost and with lower pollution.

I fear this is happening with the Island Corridor Foundation's plan to upgrade the E&N rail line.

the railway will no longer be a viable mode of transportation.

Along the route, local folks stop to wave from railway crossings, and The Flag Lady waves Canadian and B.C. flags from her yard

support for upgrading the old E&N Rail line

"The Nanaimo - Esquimalt Rail and the Fraser Valley rail systems are subject to big studies

Ministry of Transportation study of the E&N railway corridor for commuter and freight rail.

BC Ferries experimenting with Trailer Drop Service.

Port Alberni Rails will be buesy this week.

March 28th 2009

BCIT conductors back for training

Starting today in Port Alberni BC the next batch of Railroad Conductors will be training on a real engine.  This will give them on the job training for the future, yet another reason to keep our railway alive.

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