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The E.&N. railway siding, at which these bins have been constructed is about 1½ miles north of Somenos station,

All they had to do was get it to the E&N,

Premier Christy Clark is right to link the proposed Raven coal mine near Courtenay to the rehabilitation of the E&N railway.

One loaded truck full of coal would head down the Island Highway and onto Highway 4 every 20 minutes if the B.C.

the railway would have to build a spur line to the proposed site, something the ICF doesn't have the money for.

The dusting problem associated with unit coal trains in earlier years has been virtually eliminated.

We visit the site of the Union Colliery Mine, hidden in the forest southwest of Cumberland, and the site of the forgotten town of Union,

From here, E&N trains hauled the coal wagons to Oyster Harbour and the first ship was loaded with coal in December 1899.

The base case assumes contracted highway trucks are used transport the coal to Port Alberni,

A new vein of coal had been discovered by drillers in the slope of the new shaft at Nanaimo River.

"It's a question of how far we go with the spur line,"

The first white child born in Nanaimo, his parents' favoured son, he killed himself with drink.

then rail should be used to move the coal.

When the coal seam at the South Wellington colliery was depleted, James Dunsmuir opened a new mine

Raven Coal Project Public Comments

For Immediate Release

August 31, 2010


                         CEAA releases Raven Project public comments


Public comments to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA) were released to the Raven Underground Coal Project today, following a request by the …

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support the idea of rebuilding the Vancouver Island rail system to heavy freight grade to carry coal,

up to 22,000 rail cars worth of freight each year.

Hauling coal would put struggling railway on solid financial footing

Vancouver Island's struggling railway would be given new life if coal from a proposed mine near Fanny Bay

a mill town. But with an aging rail infrastructure needing more traffic,

April 23rd 2010

Coal = jobs: McRae

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