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the E&N Railway introduced the new self propelled Diesel "Budd" car for passenger service

Improved rail service from the new operator of the E&N rail line creates tremendous growth potential in the Comox Valley

We visit the site of the Union Colliery Mine, hidden in the forest southwest of Cumberland, and the site of the forgotten town of Union,

VIA Rail’s Victoria-to-Courtenay passenger service has not run since March 21 because the company has deemed the tracks unfit for travel.

The Comox Logging and Railway Company scuttled the boats between the late '30s and early '60s to form a breakwater.

A new vein of coal had been discovered by drillers in the slope of the new shaft at Nanaimo River.

Comox Valley residents will be able to cycle and walk from Fifth Street to Cumberland Road

Comox Logging and Railway Company started logging its 60,000-acre property north of Courtenay

Beyond the Valley: Comox Logging Moves Down-island

then rail should be used to move the coal.

The upgrades done to the eight-kilometre long trail that was used on a railway line constructed here more than 100 years ago

The railway used to cross the Tsolum on a trestle bridge that has long since disappeared,

Celebration planned for historic logging locomotive

The death is under investigation by the RCMP and coroner.

Initial reports indicate no one saw the boy on the tracks prior to the collision.

in recent years that infrastructure has fallen below industrial standards.

March 23rd 2010

Trucks win out over trains

transport the coal by rail it would mean upgrading and updating the rail link

a good chance it could come by rail,

working to improve the E&N Railway.

A very welcome sequel to “Island Timber: A Social History of the Comox Valley Logging Company,

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