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A 91-year-old man toppled a pole, went through a ditch, crossed the E&N trail

Commuter rail? Not enough capacity to make a difference, and way too expensive.

A Honda Civic was mangled, but its driver and passenger came through without a scratch

two 18-year-old men were attempting to cross in front of a Southern Vancouver Island Railway freight train

extremely critical to obey all stop signs [when] at an intersection or a railway crossing,

An elderly woman is in hospital after a train struck her car

The VIA Rail Dayliner struck a car in an intersection in Qualicum Beach Friday,

The collision happened at an uncontrolled section of track not intended for pedestrian crossing.

45 level crossings in Nanaimo made the continuation of operating trains unfeasible.

A railway official was among passengers aboard the northbound Via Rail Dayliner

Since 2001, the province has invested almost $20 million in improving road safety at rail crossings throughout B.C.

Neither of the train's two crew members, a conductor and locomotive engineer, nor any passengers were injured,

but officials responsible for improvements have yet to take further action.

The poor and outdated design of a Nanaimo railway crossing is to blame for killing two people in October 2009,

the driver likely didn't notice the flashing lights or hear the warning bell until 14 metres from the crossing

Limited signal visibility and poor intersection design contributed to a train-and-car crash

railway crossing is partly to blame for a crash last fall

The E&N Dayliner’s train-warning system at the intersection was on

It was risky enough having the train track there but then the city built the E&N Trail alongside the tracks,

issued a ticket for $109 and had two points taken off her licence.

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