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"As far as we are concerned the E&N Rail terminal on the Esquimalt side of the of the bridge is probably better because the bus connections are so much better,"

Island needs co-ordinated public transport that works as one system

Colin Ridgeway, a former tank commander who served in the Gulf War, is the new general manager of the Southern Vancouver Island Railway.

The ICF needs $15 million to restore passenger rail service on the rail line.

'Passenger service on the E&N has been poor for many years, and it may take some time to win back public support for rail travel."

Passenger service still suspended; officials want $7.5M to fix tracks

A 91-year-old man toppled a pole, went through a ditch, crossed the E&N trail

explained that he was an owner, the man changed his tune, and said he'd gladly pay $50 a year to save the track

Local taxpayers should be asked to foot more of the bill to get the E&N Railway back up and running,

the E&N Railway introduced the new self propelled Diesel "Budd" car for passenger service

VIA pursues $5.5M investment in refurbishing Vancouver Island RDC cars

That sort of talk makes me wonder whether the feds truly intend to get on board with this project.

Two measures involving both passenger and freight service could be undertaken immediately to improve the viability of the E&N railway.

Improved rail service from the new operator of the E&N rail line creates tremendous growth potential in the Comox Valley

"Now $500,000 of that will allow the foundation to complete an engineering inspection of approximately 40 rail bridges

Getting rid of property taxes will help the ICF in its attempt to make the E&N a viable operation.

former advisors to the Island Corridor Foundation scratching their heads.

more people ignoring crossing signals and trespassing on railway property by walking and hiking on the tracks,

Premier Christy Clark is right to link the proposed Raven coal mine near Courtenay to the rehabilitation of the E&N railway.

authorities are warning the public that the rail line is still active and to use caution when around the tracks.

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