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The E&N Rail Trail will be detoured away from the rail right-of-way

The treaty group is seeking compensation for the dispossession of their aboriginal lands.

gave nearly 20% of Vancouver Island to a railway company

A Vancouver Island native group has won a ruling that will force the Canadian government to defend its domestic human rights

registered interest in the Goldstream and Malahat areas, which the E&N corridor traverses.

illegally seized in 1884 for the E&N Railway land grant.

Vancouver Island property is not up for dicussion.

March 31 2009

Government responds to rights complaint

Hul’qumi’num Treaty Group members say 270,000 hectares of traditional territory were illegally confiscated from them as part of the 1884 E&N Railway grant. The Vancouver Island property is now privately owned and not up for discussion at the trea…

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