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We own a railway that runs through all the major communities up and down Vancouver Island –

Huge? Really? Not in comparison to the cost of transportation infrastructure.

Somehow, the provincial government can find a half billion dollars to put a new retractable roof on B.C. Place Stadium in downtown Vancouver.

Raven Coal Project Public Comments

For Immediate Release

August 31, 2010


                         CEAA releases Raven Project public comments


Public comments to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA) were released to the Raven Underground Coal Project today, following a request by the …

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the group that owns the rail line, says it is going ahead with plans to reverse the train's schedule.

Ridership up on Cowichan commuter buses

"The Nanaimo - Esquimalt Rail and the Fraser Valley rail systems are subject to big studies

New Rail News

E&N Still waits

Recent News

(Feb 27th 2009) Trestle still up in the air

(Feb 21st 2009) Mayors, MPs join forces in support of E&N line

(Feb 18th 2009) E&N rail-trail costs nearly dou…

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