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A quartet of historic Cowichan Valley railway-trestle bridges,

"This is getting to the point of being urgent,"

"We have just started negotiating leases," said Bruce.

"As far as we are concerned the E&N Rail terminal on the Esquimalt side of the of the bridge is probably better because the bus connections are so much better,"

Great Scenic Railway Journeys, is headed to Port Alberni to profile one of B.C.’s historic rail sites.

Passenger service still suspended; officials want $7.5M to fix tracks

Hard work, luck combined to save historic structure from demolition

due to lack of use, late last week.

the E&N Railway introduced the new self propelled Diesel "Budd" car for passenger service

more people ignoring crossing signals and trespassing on railway property by walking and hiking on the tracks,

The dusting problem associated with unit coal trains in earlier years has been virtually eliminated.

all train operators must come to a stop at the intersection and essentially look both ways before crossing the street.

From here, E&N trains hauled the coal wagons to Oyster Harbour and the first ship was loaded with coal in December 1899.

And by the way the reason the track is in bad shape was because it was not making any money so you were right it is a no-brainer get rid of it. Harold Bierman

"We got an excellent hearing from the minister," Kent said

He argued that the original deal was to trade off 20 miles on either side of the line in exchange for train service.

The publicly owned track could come to a permanent halt without that investment.

Charland claimed the board of directors voted in January to strike a deal with his business, but that the plug was then pulled on the deal.

BC Institute of Technology (BCIT) training courses for student conductors will begin Saturday, May 7 and continue until Sunday, May 15.

One way to help pay for the railway would be to sell bonds for it to all Vancouver Islanders.

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