Vancouver Island Railway

A place to learn about the many railroads on Vancouver Island from Logging, Minning, Freight and Transportation.  I will be showing pictures from my own collection including a map (Rand McNally from the year 1921) as well as creating a map with locations where to help find these lost iron vains that ran through our great island.

Railway News

blog post

blog post

Passengers could be riding the E&N Railway as early as next spring.

officials should keep this in mind when they look at possible commuter options on the E&N rail line.

Railway needs solid support that sustains vision of up-Island corridor

Via Rail has committed to three refurbished cars, with snack bars and bike racks.

You could have three rail cars to start with and begin with a one-month trial.

The Island Corridor Foundation is still waiting to hear if the federal government will give $7.5 million to upgrade the E&N

The E.&N. railway siding, at which these bins have been constructed is about 1½ miles north of Somenos station,

the E&N railway would take care of both.

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$5 Donation to Help the site grow.

The money will help go towards buying pictures and paperwork from antique stores and collectors to help the information to stay together so future Vancouver Island Rail fans can learn and see how busy the island was back then.  Note my collection of pictures and paperwork is not for sale and one day will be donated to a place where they can be saved from being broken up and hidden by privet collectors.