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officials should keep this in mind when they look at possible commuter options on the E&N rail line.

Railway needs solid support that sustains vision of up-Island corridor

Via Rail has committed to three refurbished cars, with snack bars and bike racks.

You could have three rail cars to start with and begin with a one-month trial.

The Island Corridor Foundation is still waiting to hear if the federal government will give $7.5 million to upgrade the E&N

The E.&N. railway siding, at which these bins have been constructed is about 1½ miles north of Somenos station,

the E&N railway would take care of both.

Walkers, hikers and cyclists can now take the Humpback Connector

All they had to do was get it to the E&N,

Passenger service still suspended; officials want $7.5M to fix tracks

the western communities and Victoria is an unfinished study.

to explore a commuter service for the western communities of Greater Victoria

selling out the E&N is betraying our past and forfeiting our future.

A planned early-morning passenger train from Nanaimo to Victoria will demonstrate the viability of a commuter rail service

In other words, this idea is doomed.

The E&N's route in Victoria, however, has some major shortcomings.

"We have just started negotiating leases," said Bruce.

Premier Christy Clark stated, “in the long run for this railway to work people need to use it.”

Re-opening the E&N could also be a boon for up-Island.

Any money spent on the E&N Railway will be borrowed, as both levels of government are in deficit.

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