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officials should keep this in mind when they look at possible commuter options on the E&N rail line.

The greatest "bang for the buck" would be a pilot project serving the areas with the greatest population densities

As an efficient, climate-friendly mode of transport, the E&N railway is an asset that’s too important to lose.

Funding may come from hike in gas taxes

"They have to be in to make this project a reality. If they are in, we will make this project a reality."

The plan has the line running through Saanich and Colwood into Langford.

“I think they've done a very good job with their plan to put forward the options they feel work best for the Greater Victoria area,” said Lekstrom

A $950-million light rail transit system has been suggested by B.C. Transit, instead of rapid buses,

Huge? Really? Not in comparison to the cost of transportation infrastructure.

Commuter rail? Not enough capacity to make a difference, and way too expensive.

the train's whistle will not only "blast her from bed," but sound out throughout the morning and afternoon.

would bring people from north of the Malahat drive to Victoria on three double-decker rail cars.

West Shore by throwing its support behind commuter rail, light rapid transit

Our track is already laid; it needs to be beefed-up for commuter service.

The plan: Two light-rail lanes, two car lanes, no on-street parking

It is still uncertain whether the new bridge will include a rail crossing for the E&N Rail line.

It voted unanimously in favour of rail being the preferred option for the transit system,

including commercial transport vehicles, by funding a useable railway on this Island.

“The rapid transit vehicle looks more like a train than a bus,”

Put railway wheels on city buses and stick them on the E&N line at rush hour. "They could stay on the rails; just drop people off to connect with other transit."

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