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VIA pursues $5.5M investment in refurbishing Vancouver Island RDC cars

The base case assumes contracted highway trucks are used transport the coal to Port Alberni,

what it would cost to upgrade the railway and extend it all the way to the north end of the Island.

Infrastructure funding remains the final piece to be ready for 2012 target launch of new service

Our track is already laid; it needs to be beefed-up for commuter service.

just three of those "toothpicks" filled a rail car to overflowing.

Why bother keeping the E&N open?

Commuters bound for Victoria could see a rail transit option open up in the next year or two.

Raven Coal Project Public Comments

For Immediate Release

August 31, 2010


                         CEAA releases Raven Project public comments


Public comments to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA) were released to the Raven Underground Coal Project today, following a request by the …

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case studies from Vancouver Island and northern New England in the United States to illustrate a potential ownership structure for the rail corridor

E&N Dayliner to make special stop in the community to commemorate times gone by,

If you want to track history on southern Vancouver Island, it's not that hard to do.


support the idea of rebuilding the Vancouver Island rail system to heavy freight grade to carry coal,

up to 22,000 rail cars worth of freight each year.

Vancouver Island is going to have massive growth over the next few decades –

The E&N is an integral part of Vancouver Island and brought B.C. into Confederation.

Along the route, local folks stop to wave from railway crossings, and The Flag Lady waves Canadian and B.C. flags from her yard

The Dayliner was a relic when they first tried to abandon it more than 30 years ago.

as the railway line from Crofton to Westholme runs nearly its whole length over well-defined ledges of mineral-bearing rock.

July 3rd 2010


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