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the complacent majority have made perfectly clear through their editorial letters and votes they want no part of expensive commuter service

The plan’s reluctance toward development of the E&N Railway for light rail transit was a mistake,

The B.C. Electric were urged to come in but hesitated at the small amount of business in sight.

Commuter transportation from Duncan is possible using light rail cars on the same tracks as the present Budd cars.

The future is here and it's full of possibilities for an active rail corridor along Vancouver Island's old E&N line,

two under-used corridors, the E&N railway and the Galloping Goose trail

Port Alberni Rails will be buesy this week.

March 28th 2009

BCIT conductors back for training

Starting today in Port Alberni BC the next batch of Railroad Conductors will be training on a real engine.  This will give them on the job training for the future, yet another reason to keep our railway alive.

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